Have you ever tasted the satisfaction of wearing a dress made by you or created for you?
It’s something unique, and you can try it in the  Cucito su di te - Dressmaking Lab area, where we brought together the most "wow"  sewing and DIY fashion crafters to demonstrate, teach and spread their knowledge.
We are waiting for you in Abilmente Vicenza, from 14 to 17 October 2021, with many courses, demonstrations and live shows dedicated to DIY fashion designed to satisfy your desires!

In collaboration with: Gaia Segattini

Sponsor of the area: Bernina ItaliaGütermannPrym, Merceriamia, Burda, Janome and Tessuti & Moda

Popi Hat

Lara Amadeo

PopiHat was born from the search for a hat for Caterina, my daughter, to protect her from the sun and the wind. The solution came from abroad and from the past. My desire is this hat becomes a small treasure chest full of memories of the child who will wear it, accompanying him through a wonderful period of his life.
PopiHat is continuous evolution and the search for improvement, from the study of eco-sustainable fabrics to reusable or low environmental impact packaging.

  • Roberta Ottolenghi robedellarobi
  • abbigliamento bimba
  • abbigliamento bimbo


Roberta Ottolenghi

I’m an architect, in love with needle and thread designs. After becoming the mother of two children - my first wearers - I decided to create a tailored children’s clothing line called "robedellarobi". I lived in Paris for a while, that’s why my dresses are simple and refined and are inspired by the French tradition. I like to use linen and cotton, natural fabrics. I also create fabric games as puppets and tracks for cars.

  • podobis pupazzi
  • pupazzi cuciti a mano
  • Virginia Vittozzi podobis
  • zainetto pupazzo


Virginia Vittozzi

My puppets are born from socks! I'm Virginia and I gave birth to Podobis, my puppets brand for children. I’ve always had a soft spot for socks: in my imagination I saw funny and nice characters, so why not create them? Here there is my line of children’s toys, some of which I also turned into colourful fabric backpacks.

  • abbigliamento fatto a mano
  • abito sartoriale
  • vestiti fai da te
  • Studio Komòdo Valeria Greggio

Studio Komòdo

Valeria Greggio

I would like people wearing my clothes to feel comfortable and confident. My style is a combination of eco-sustainability, craftsmanship and comfort. I propose a line of hand-made clothing with essential lines, which adapts to the figure and needs of the wearer, with a timeless style. I prefer stock footage from Italian and foreign companies, for a choice that looks to the environment.
So each dress has its own story.


Martina Coller

My small collections of clothing, bags and accessories are entirely handmade, using fabrics that I decorate myself with patterns inspired by my travels. My next stop will be India this coming winter.
And as soon as I have a minute to myself, I dream about my future trips in search of new wonders to add to Tulip’s repertoire!

secondo piano

Lara Amede

My blog is all about proving that sewing doesn’t have to be difficult. If anything, it's a force for good, because not only is it incredibly satisfying, it also helps people to de-stress. And that’s not all, the world around us inevitably benefits from it too.
I also want to inspire people and promote the concept of slow fashion, which embraces a DIY mentality and sustainability, in direct contrast to fast fashion.



Tailoring and design are the words that describe robedalez.

Tailoring is love for details and finishes, for the choice and combination of fabrics and colors.

Design because each garment, before being made, is designed and designed on the basis of the wishes and measurements of the person who will wear it (after all I was an engineer ...)

Lavanda Lab

francesca ventroni

Let’s gonnize the world!
With this cry I create bespoke skirts unique, unrepeatable and exciting to pay homage to our femininity.
Thanks to creativity I managed to change my life and I also became a Bernina ambassador for all the women who, like me, make creativity their daily bread.
Lately I’ve also started to coat the world...
Me and my lavender head are waiting for you!


Gloria barana

Officially we make clothes in natural fibers but in reality, in our small, we try to do something more... to communicate a more attentive and respectful vision of fashion, to guide you in the purchase of garments (not only ours) and to give you some suggestions to make them last longer.

I am Gloria and Filotimo’s creator and shy handyman.

Special Guest

ricamo in oro

thursday 14 OCTOBER


Clothing handmade and sewing courses
We have sworn to make the world sew, so you can't miss our courses for all levels.
sewing courses

friday 15 october


I sew what I wear. I go straight to the point to help you sew your ideas and an unconventional wardrobe!



We make handcrafted clothing. Each item is unique and different because produced by our hands.
For us it is a value , it is the uniqueness of craftsmanship

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