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“Dreams Come True”

Art Challenge 2022 Swiss Quilters Association

It is with pride and emotion that Quilt patch is proud to present at Abilmente its art challenge 2022, with works created by members of the Swiss Patchwork Association inspired by motion design "DREAMS COME TRUE", courtesy of the artist Michaël Cailloux. These works will be exhibited on frame, to enhance the content.
Michaël Cailloux is the artistic director of the École Superieure d'Art Conte and creates engravings, sculptures, wallpapers and interior decorations.

michaelcailloux.com & patchquilt.ch


Curated by Associazione Sul filo dell'Arte
Sponsor: Mez Cucirini 

Do you know the artist Yayoi Kusama? The "queen of polka dots"?
Among his most famous "infinity" installations there are polymorphic nerves and pumpkins with dots that multiply thanks to games of mirrors.
Our invitation is to become part of the work.
Can you knit or crochet? Then he recovers some synthetic yarn and creates a black-dot pumpkin to contribute to our collective installation. The web is full of tutorials for making three-dimensional pumpkins.
Every day in our stand you can sit and work with us in the space knit cafe.


Textile allegory of living together in 2022.

From classical antiquity to the most recent avant-garde, art is dotted with banquets of all kinds, from sacred cenacles to secular tables, from the festive picnics of the Impressionists to the surrealist tables of Dali.

The DAMSS table represents "living together", being in harmony, exchanging emotions and thoughts that the sharing of food has always favored.

Food and table rituals continue to create bonds, to evoke atmospheres, to give voice to coexistence even in a digital and pandemic era.

Back to nature

By the group "Art Quilt Fusion"

Art Quilt Fusion is a pan-European group of renowned textile artists who have exhibited together in recent years. "Back to Nature" is a reflection on the one thing most of us have had access to in the last two years. We were limited in our movements and lived with the threat of the pandemic, but many of us were lucky and could frequent gardens and public spaces. "Back to Nature" is a new approach for group members: each was limited to four pieces of work, 30 x 30 cm. A format that offers a multitude of potential, but also challenges, for those accustomed to working on a larger scale. These small cartoons offer an overview of the observations and perceptions of the artists during one of the most difficult periods in current history.


Curated by "La Corporazione delle arti"

At Abilmente Vicenza, the city know for the goldsmith exhibitions par excellence, we will exhibit the wire jewels of artists from different regions of Italy, for the joy of the eyes and the discovery of the infinite possibilities of the Arts of Wire.

The wire is a ductile material with infinite possibilities of use. When it comes to jewelry, we immediately think of gold. Instead, even the thread, the same thread as embroidery and lace, can be used or woven, for wonderful and unique jewels. We look forward to amaze you with us by looking at them in the windows of the exclusive exhibition for Abilmente Vicenza. Hall 7, stand 840.

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