Art Exhibits


Curated by Picknitartcafe in partnership with Associazione Endometriosi FVG
Sponsor: Mez Cucirini 

Would you like to enter a vertical garden with a thousand yellow crocheted roses? No, it's not a dream, but a beautiful work of art born from the meticulous work of women supporting other women: a way to raise awareness about the fight against endometriosis. In this collective artwork, you can feel the strength of women, capable of building, weaving, repairing, comforting, and regenerating. It is upon this strength that the activities of the Picknitartcafe aps Association are based, dedicating themselves to the design and implementation of projects for nearly 10 years, where manual work merges with social integration, and through collaborations with other associations, with charitable purposes.


Curated by the Sul Filo dell'Arte Association

Sponsored by MEZ Cucirini

Are you familiar with Jeff Koons? He is an American artist, an icon of the neo-pop style, known for his kitschy artworks that ironically depict American lifestyle and its consumerist tendencies.

Interesting, isn't it? At Abilmente, you will find a unique collective work paying tribute to this artist: his iconic dogs created using the amigurumi technique.

And if you're interested, you can even create your own piece to exhibit in this space! How? Contact the Sul Filo dell'Arte Association to learn all the details.

Anche il cielo stellato finirà 
Tribute to Ungaretti

What happens when the art of quilting meets the enchantment of Ungaretti? The extraordinary exhibition "Anche il cielo stellato finirà - Tribute to Ungaretti".

This incredible project came to life in 2021, thanks to the collaboration of 18 talented Italian artists passionate about Quilt Art. During a period of isolation, these women found a unique way to share their common passion: quilting and poetry.

The exhibition is a collective work composed of 23 marvelous quilts, each inspired by a poem by Giuseppe Ungaretti. Every quilt has been created using different techniques such as appliqué, piecing, painting, mosaic, embroidery, with quilting done by hand or machine. The fabrics used are of various types: American cotton, organza, tulle, silk, Italian cotton, hand-dyed cotton, and synthetic materials.

Prepare to be enchanted by this extraordinary fusion of creativity and poetry. The final effect of this artwork is as captivating as it is thought-provoking.

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