The Ideas Avenue - Abilmente Vicenza

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Where is creativity's address? Find out it with the crafters who live in our "The Ideas Avenue" in Abilmente Vicenza!
Many creations, inspirations, courses and demonstrations to stay always on the path of creativity!
Find out who are the protagonists of our "La via delle idea" - aka "The ideas avenue" - and the program of their courses!

See you in Abilmente Vicenza, from 14th to 18th of October. Save the date on your agenda!


Giannella Cau - Beads

Bijoux weaving with beads.

FB: @giannellacaujewerly

per filo e per sogno - metal

Wire technique with aluminum, copper, brass wire and insertion of various materials (stones, fabric, woods ...)

fb: @perfiloepersognobijoux

creative recycling
Manufabrika - Creative recycling

Hand-sewn accessories with recycled rubber from bicycle and tractor inner tubes

IG: @manufabrika

Lisart - beads

I have been creating handcrafted bijoux for 16 years and I will amaze you with my bead weaving courses from my most successful projects at Abilmente.

FB: @Lisartbijoux

paper jewellery
rosanna frapporti - paper

My creations start from poor, underestimated materials, to reach a tactile three-dimensionality and a meticulous final realistic accuracy. Learning to make paper jewelry will be pure magic.

stone jewelry
elisabetta e daniela gioielli - stone

Jewelry in copper, brass, aluminum, combined with Vicenza stone and beyond, through the typical goldsmithing technique of "hammering".

FB: @gioielliinpietradivicenza

handmade jewelry
annrose gioielli - polymer clay

Courses about polymer clay modeling techniques.
FB: @GioielliAnnRose

leather bags
vaneclettica - leather

Leather is my element: I craft personalized bags, pyrography, acrylic and engraving all strictly on leather.


paper quilling
Ivana e elena marconato - paper quilling

Paper jewels made with the paper quilling technique: rolled up colored paper strips .

FB: @creareascuola


Sogni di Cinzia - Felt and ecoprinting

Felt and eco-printing workshops, natural dyes, natural fabrics printed with real leaves, handmade felt accessories and furnitures.

fb: @SognidiCinzia

washable paper accessories
La Pinotteria - Creative Recycling

Wallets, bags and accessories made of washable paper and recycled material.

creative sewing
thialò - creative sewing

Pieces of cloth, colors and puppets! Sensory mats for children.

fb: @thialojesi

creative sewing
atelier ali - creative sewing

Super colorful clothing and cute accessories inspired by the children's world.

Ig: @atelier.ali

creative sewing
il favoloso mondo di adry - creative sewing

I invent and create creative sewing pattert. Gnomes, Elves, Goblins, Trolls and fantastic creatures take shape and even life! Book my courses!

fb: @ilfavolosomondodiadry

nerina fubelli - crochet

Traditional, Tunisian, fork, Romanian, Irish crochet hook.

Gelsomina Simone - Crochet and loom

Fork crochet and square frame for hats and neck warmers

fb: @ilfilodiarianna

rag sculture
IL MONDO DI PEZZA DI VIVIANA - creative sewing

From fabrics to decorations, I create textile sculptures with natural elements.

FB: @sculturedipezzadiviviana

creative sewing
Ricicli Design - accessories

Self-production of furnishing accessories, accessories and clothes made with recycled materials by Italian hands.

IG: @riciclidesign

Lucilla Alfano - Crochet and Amigurumi

Many courses and demonstrations of amigurumi crochet, beads and soutache.

FB: @luluamigurumi

creative recycling
Malvestita Lab - Creative Recyling

I sew clothing and accessories with unused materials from large textile companies

fb: @malvestitalab

creative sewing
Da A - Sewing and Embroidery

I like to play with needle and thread, I have experimented a lot with materials because I have sewn everything, from fabric to paper, from leather to plastic. Today, I try to pass my skills acquired as a self-taught.

What will you learn in my workshop? To sew a t-shirt with applications mixing materials.

ig: @da.a.concept


stregatta dal fimo - fimo

Polymer clay handmade accessories.

fb: @stregattadalfimo


Ceramic jewelry inspired by fairy tales, balls, funny and colorful little men and objects for the home.

IG: @duecivettesulcomo

polymer clay
Obesini - decoration

Creazioni artistiche in fimo, realizzate a mano in ogni più piccolo dettaglio, dai colori ai puntini degli occhi.

Artistic creations in Fimo, handmade in every smallest detail, from the colors to the dots of the eyes.

polymer clay
Barbara di Piccole Creazioni - DECORAtion

I craft handmade Fimo modeling clay jewelry and gift items to color and brighten up your home and your special occasions.


home decor
Vita Green Wood Lab - Home decor

We create handcrafted objects and wood jewels - with simple, clean, geometric lines - that wood smell. We use "live" materials (such as plants, wood, seeds), our hands and our passion.

Fb: @vita.greenwood.lab

decorazione ceramiche
Chromie di Cristina - decoration

Hand-painted objects, quality materials and lots of color for your parties, memories to last over time. Decorations to hang wherever you want.

IG: @chromiedicristina

Daniela Spinucci - Ecoprinting

Eco-printing on paper and fabrics.

fb: @Daniela.Spinucci

La cor:nice Laura Tremolada - Upcycling

Upcycling, frames, passepartout, stamps, fabrics

ig: @lauratremolada


di chi ama la carta - paper

Planners, card-making, creative bookbinding and the Bullet Journal news.

♥Creative Notes Blogger

di carta e di filo - bookbinding

Craft bookbinding and origami for home decor, creative recycling, paper ecoprinting.

♥ Creative Notes Blogger

mixed media
ricciemici - decoration

Mixed media passion!
From creative canvases to decorated midori. The perfect mix of techniques and creativity.

FB: @francescaghidinicreazioni

paper flower
incartesimi - paper flower

Paper Flowers & Paper Art with Monica Dal Molin

paper recycling
yuuy - creative recycling

Bookbinding that gives new shape to everyday objects and materials, creating very simple hand-bound objects.

fb: @yuuybooks

FattoConGioia - Quilling AND paper art

Quilling easy to learn to make new 3D mandalas.

Fb: @FattoConGioia

creative paper recycling
Saraspaper - Creative Recycling

Sustainable and unique accessories, created with waterproofed real pages of old magazines.

Ig: @saraspaper

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