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Would you like to learn how to sew a dress? Or know the secrets and tricks to create DIY clothes and accessories with your sewing machine?

This is just the right place: Sew on you - dressmaking lab! It’s our special area entirely dedicated to DIY fashion. Here you will find the best tailoring creations, with their legendary courses and demonstrations to create a perfect handmade garment.

Are you ready to get to know them and learn a lot of tricks?

  • diy sewing for children
  • diy sewing for children



Costanza and Fabiana, fashion and graphic designer, are the founders of Tsitsi concept, a project that combines the world of sewing, threads and fabrics to that of color, graphics and printing.
Each item is designed, sewn and printed entirely by hand by the two designers, who share the production phase according to their skills, to achieve an excellent result.
Their projects are created using fabrics from stock inventories of Italian companies, for this reason they have the opportunity to produce small numbers with the same design, a choice that makes each item unique and limited.



Our clothes bear names of wild herbs and medicinal plants. They are made of mainly natural, vintage and fine-series fabrics and each item is produced in small quantities, taking care of the artistic and artisanal details.
The linographies that illustrate the collections are hand-engraved and printed with water inks, an artisan technique that creates small, unique and unrepeatable details.

  • diy sewing for children
  • diy sewing for children


Sara Forlini

I have always been convinced that what we wear should represent us but above all it must adapt to us, and not vice versa.
And that’s what I’ve been doing with my job ever since Misstufi came true.
My idea of an ethical, sustainable and sartorial fashion, is reflected in my creations and by what surrounds them, by the style of other times but suitable for everyone.

La guardarobiera

Paola Pellino

The guardiarobiera is a creative mending machine. With a needle and thread it takes care of the wounds that time and wear trace on our garments. Exalting the defect, it transforms it into a unique and exclusive detail, to wear with pride.
After a long experience as a fashion buyer and sales assistant, Paola Pellino stops to reflect on the relationship between fashion and consumerism. He travels and trains abroad to bring the art of visible mending to Italy.
"Clothes tell a lot about us. Reconsidering and repairing them, giving them a new life with an increasingly distant look from the philosophy of disposable, acquires an important meaning. Mending is therefore a revolutionary act".

  • diy sewing for children
  • diy sewing for children

Tamago Craft

Anna Springolo

I studied tailoring and fashion design and made women's clothes for many years, but after the birth of my children I dedicated myself to clothing for children. I think children should wear clothes that are practical and comfortable but also reflect their playful and carefree nature. So I try to make garments using simple fabrics and solid colors with strong colors, which I then personalize with applications designed by me and made of fabric. I also love the polka dot and striped patterns, motifs that have always distinguished my creations. Among other things, I created a line of customizable t-shirts with the portrait of your family, animals included, which I called "portraits to wear.

One point at a time

Selene Verdoglia

In 2017 I learned to sew on my own and I decided to share this journey on my Youtube channel. I am very happy because my passion has managed to reach many people, and many have started sewing thanks to my video tutorials.

In 2020, I turned this beautiful hobby into a real job and my online shop of fabrics and sewing accessories was born, designed for all those who want to easily buy what they need for their first creative projects.
I look forward to seeing you in Abamente Milano to sew together a magnificent skirt!

  • diy sewing for children
  • diy sewing for children



The tailoring Matteo Duca was born in 2013, I decided to open at 18 years old, while I was attending the last year of high school, immediately I focus on the world of ceremonies starting with tailored dresses for women and then add the man part in 2014.
In my tailoring I decided to mix the sartorial method of tailor-made at the time of design, to a method a bit 'more industrial at the time of packaging, so as to have the timing competitive with the production of fast fashion, but done well!

During the fair Abilmente, I would like to hold a workshop on knot dress, garment that in the latest collections is returning more and more being a model that adapts to different physical conformations.



For years Germana has collected all kinds of fabrics from all over the world.

This textile archive is the place from which it draws for each collection the fabrics and patterns, just as a painter does when he chooses the colors from the palette.

In this way he creates small collections of limited edition pieces,

who dress in a sustainable and original way women who are not content with what mass fashion dictates.

Ospiti Speciali



I have been involved in sewing and natural dyeing for years, I have a clothing line, which I personally sew, consisting mostly of unique pieces or small series. For the winter I propose small workshops for the creation of accessories: hats and bags in wool and velvet.

corsi di cucito

Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 November


I sew what I wear. I go straight to the point to help you sew your ideas and an unconventional wardrobe!

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