Who said embroidery "isn’t fashionable anymore"? Instaembroidery is the area dedicated to modern embroidery, loaded (oh yes, seriously!) with inspirations and new ways of seeing this beautiful ancient technique.

Here are the creative that will populate the area in the edition of Abilmente autumn 2022

In collaboration with: Giuliana Ricama

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Embroidery came into my life without my asking, perhaps it came at a time when I needed to speak, to make my voice heard. The paper and the pen were starting to be no longer enough. I had a desire to imprint my messy memories forever and nothing was better than the slow and thoughtful stitches of embroidery. I wanted to give weight to the words, weight and precise color, red. Red like blood in the veins; we are made of red, we live thanks to him, it is the color that speaks of me, of all of us, so how could I not have chosen it? I am red.

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Nene (he/they - in Italian him), has always been a creative person and passionate about art. Through his various passions (cinema, comics, board games & role, cosplay) he learns tailoring and modeling, and soon he becomes passionate about the textile arts: knitwear, crochet, loom and modern embroidery. In the latter he discovers a powerful means of communication, a way of relaxing and disconnecting from everyday life, and a linked and engaging community. In December 2020 he gives a name to this project, born "neneedle", from Nene+needle, needle in English.
The favorite subjects to portray are related to the natural world: animals, leaves, fruits and vegetables- that share values and themes that recall the cornerstones of neenedle: attention to the environment, recycling, sustainability; queerness, body expression and free art, of the LGBTQ+ world, of pride in being oneself, and creativity, art and pleasure for beauty.


I select shirts, but not only, used, sample or vintage; I transform them to make them more contemporary and embroidery by hand.

The subjects of embroidery often come from the past, especially medieval and Renaissance. Medieval bestiaries, ancient botany, books on heraldry and Renaissance allegories and the inevitable travel companion, Dante’s Commedia.

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I am Martina and creativity has always been a fundamental part of my daily life. Mèlia in fact is the result of a long journey that has developed through different artistic forms, to finally meet the art of embroidery and sewing. I found in embroidery the perfect summary between the various forms of expression, with my creations enclose your memories and special moments with the help of fabrics and embroidery delicate and unique.


After an intense and varied journey I came to embroidery, the first love of my childhood. A slow world with hypnotic rituals for my eyes as a child who almost needed to find comfort and shelter in those constant and repeated movements... arrange the frame, pierce the canvas, draw,  choose from a thousand threads of all colors. My journey in the way of work begins as a photographer and hence the instinct, almost the need,  to embroider portraits; I am an attentive observer, passionate about mankind and so my desire to express myself through art has found its best allies in the needle, in thread and cloth and of course in your faces.

@La Filastorie_apprendista ricamatrice

Hi! I’m La Filastorie and I’m an apprentice embroiderer. Apprentice because I can not even fasten a button, but with the embroidery was love at first glance. This project is my parallel dimension: in a fast and multitasking time, "La Filastorie" gives me the opportunity to slow down, immerse myself in colors and give vent to my creativity. I never work with predefined patterns, so I never know what each job will look like in the end. Every stage of processing is important: from the choice of threads and materials, to the choice of stitches and the continuous repetition of a gesture that has an ancient flavor. Come and visit me to have a demonstration on my work technique - embroidery in relief - and discover all the alternative materials for this type of embroidery! I wait for you!


They will be at Abilmente on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16

Hi! I'm Chiara, the one with a vintage soul and I'm Pola, modern and brand-new lover. Our way of being are mixing bringing to life a new essence, weaving grandma's techniques and contemporary graphics.
We try to bring in our little lab everything we love: nature, mountains and animals. Can you spot chamoises jumping in our drawings?

@Tracce d'Anima

Since I was a child I was passionate about sewing and drawing. I drew hours and hours, then a new discovery, embroidery. I learned the basics of this art that I then put aside devoting myself solely to drawing. But here... that one fine day has thrown back. My drawings were missing something... Yes, precisely the embroidery, which, with its materiality allows me to make tactile and complete my illustrations that I called "Soul Traces". An important rediscovery, those threads, those plots, those small points made of stories, that as enchantment make to blossom under my delicate hands, colored, impassioned prodigies. Thanks to the embroidery increases every day my happiness.  I create with embroidery, combining and merging techniques and materials. I draw, paint, embroidery, interweave, sew, brush, fixed, knot, slip, those and define, creating something that speaks of me, my illustrations, my emotions that become gifts of love that mark time, testify life and pursue challenges. So I become a vehicle of stories to tell. It’s almost magic! 

Stay tune to discover the other crafters...


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