Where is creativity's address? Find out it with the crafters who live in our "The Ideas Avenue"!

Many creations, inspirations, courses and demonstrations and a live show program to stay always on the path of creativity!

Find out who are the protagonists of our "La via delle idea" - aka "The ideas avenue" - and the program of their courses!

Bijoux & accessories

gioielli in pietra
elisabetta e daniela jewels - stone

Jewelry in copper, brass, aluminum, combined with the stone of Vicenza and beyond, through the typical goldsmith’s technique of "hammering".

FB: @gioielliinpietradivicenza

stregatta dal fimo

Accessories handmade polymer paste fimo

fb: @stregattadalfimo

Manufabrika - creative recycling

Hand-sewn accessories with recycled rubber from bicycle and tractor inner tubes

IG: @manufabrika

gioielli fatti a mano
Anna Handmade - polymer clay

Courses on polymer clay modeling techniques.


Craft shop where you create jewelry, courses are held and you sell the material for your creations!

FB: www.facebook.com/bijouxmaniabyloredanaferrari

bianca resi
Bianca resi hats

I make felt hats starting from the fur of the sheep according to an ancient technique.



Modern ideas and chatty lace. The perfect mix from which we generate with inimitable mastery, handmade jewelry that evoke harmony, elegance and precious beauty to wear.


le cernierine
le cernierine

Unique and sustainable pins and bijoux made with recycled hinges


la petit deco
la petit deco

versatile artist of modeling pastes


daniela pupa
daniela pupa

polymer clay bijoux, dolls and fairy tales to wear.


Foreli Studio
Foreli Studio

Modelling of bijoux and porcelain furnishings with shapes and decorations inspired by natural shapes.



Lauvmade is color, geometry, clean lines but also subverted rules and infinite possibilities!



Dried flowers embedded in resin


chiara broggian
Il soffice e magico mondo di Chiara broggian

The wool of the merinos sheep, washed and sterilized, comes to me felted in two ways: with a magic needle or with soap and water.



cucito creativo
il favoloso mondo di adry

I invent and create creative sewing patterns. Gnomes, Elves, Goblins, Trolls and fantastic creatures take shape and even life! Book to my courses!

fb: @ilfavolosomondodiadry

cucito creativo
atelier ali

Super colorful clothing and cute accessories inspired by the world of children

ig: @atelier.ali

Il mondo di pezza di Viviana
Il mondo di pezza di Viviana

Viví Creation creates textile sculptures with natural elements, from fabrics to decorations.


la peg
Le peg

Brand specialized in the realization of handmad women’s hair accessories and tailored clothing, created with high quality fabrics.


le gioie di gioia
le gioie di gioia

Professional designer, creative for passion

FB: legioiedigioia

Ema - Emanuela Margonari

Handbags, clothes and accessories made by hand weaving recycled fabric. Organization of courses of manual weaving and tailoring creative!

FB: www.facebook.com/emanuelamargonari

Malvestita lab

I make clothing and accessories with unused materials of large textile companies

fb: @malvestitalab

La Pinotteria
La Pinotteria

Hand-made wallets, bags and accessories made of washable paper and recycled plastic

FB: www.facebook.com/pinotteria

Elena Vyugina
Elena Felt

Elena Vyugina Felting Master
Owner, designer, accessories with wool fibres and fleece


Polkadot Mood

I make clothing and accessories for newborn and child with different craft techniques such as sewing, knitting and crochet, and some coordinated mother girl.


Il filo di Arianna
Il filo di Arianna di Gelsomina Simone
Laboratory of unique garments made by hand with the various craft techniques.
fatto a mano by nico
Fatto a mano by Nico

Unconventional women’s clothing


UIl vello d'oro

The Golden Fleece is a space for sale and workshops to create with carded wool, felt and much more, for adults and children.


cavallo a dondolo
il cavallo a dondolo

The art of made in Italy in soft fabric accessories for children but not only. Original gift ideas, inspired toys from Milan and ecofriendly accessories handmade with abundance and love.

IG: ilcavalloadondolo

Milena Fanton - La Galleria delle Idee
Milena Fanton - La Galleria delle Idee

With needle and thread we can do a lot and these decorations are the proof.
With this technique you will learn to create accessories outfits and original applications


la mamola
la mamola

Embroidered vintage photos and postcards.



Handmade objects for the home and for the person in wood and cloth.


il filo racconta
il filo racconta

I delight in various techniques from traditional crochet, to the Tunisian one, to the fork, to the knit and up to the embroidery. For those who want to approach one or more of these techniques I offer training courses and workshops... and I also published the first manual in Italy on Crochet Mosaic.



Lucia Piazza
Lucia piazza

Creative and Decorator. I have been teaching decorative techniques and Restyling of Furniture for over 15 years. I am present in many trade fairs and in various Italian cities with my courses proposals . I worked for about 20 years with the editorial staff of the magazine Arte del Decorare proposing new projects of Decorative Techniques.



Jewels inspired by fairy tales, balls, funny and colorful men, objects for the home and many others.

IG: @duecivettesulcomo


Artistic creations in fimo, handmade in every detail, from colors to the dots of the eyes.



Clay modeled on a lathe, made unique by the meeting of matter and color to create decorative objects of everyday use


Evi Bossanyi
Intreccio Quotidiano - Evi Bossanyi

The technique is the perfect combination of the ancient art of interweaving and the most modern concept of artistic recycling of newspapers. Felt, pannolenci, natural elements and the use of other decorative techniques complete the intertwined objects making them real furnishing accessories.

Sito: https://www.evibossanyi.com/

Clothing, accessories, toys and everything that I shake in my head made in a completely artisan way.
Thialò, ideas on the move!
Evi Bossanyi
Crete Lab

Handmade candles and scenters.

In this mini lab I make botanical candles and pods in vegetable wax by hand with attention to the environment.


Le fettine
Le fettine

Dipingo a mano in stile nordico e contemporaneo


la cornice
La cornice

Laura Tremolada.

Every "tablet" created by me must be the basis on which to play collecting photos, notes, small significant objects...
Divertissements for me that I create ... for those who choose them to delight in creating a "separate collection" of personal memories that parade themselves, there, outdoors.



Medium mix that passion!
From creative canvases to decorated Midori. A mix of techniques and creativity.

FB: @francescaghidinicreazioni

pami handmade

From nothing you can create everything, from raw material and the waste of the dryer is born a design object


Paper, scrap & color

chiarae litterae
chiarae litterae

Not just scribbles, I write by hand to give voice to the truest and most hidden part of myself


A messy studio
a messy studio

A messy studio contains illustrations in art print by Sara Bernardi. Inside, paper and fabric products are created with recycled materials printed with the linocut technique.


Quilling facile - la magia della carta
Quilling facile - la magia della carta

Hello, we are Elena and Ivana. On this page we want you to discover the quilling. You can also make amazing things using simple strips of paper!

FB: www.facebook.com/groups/429375231518083

riciclo creativo
Saraspaper - Riciclo creativo

Sustainable and unique accessories, created with real pages of old waterproofed magazines.

Ig: @saraspaper

Fatto con Gioia
Fatto con Gioia

A simple method to find space for yourself and abandon thoughts through mandala quilling.


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