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Also this year the Mistress Maria Rita Faleri will be present with her necklace of Embroidery manuals EXAMPLE - from the Marches History Thread Embroidery Art and Technique Counted -
Simple embroidery, suitable for even the less experienced - use of precious materials such as linen and silk - natural colors and respect for tradition without losing sight of the modernity of handmade.
Free demonstrations on base points and plots.

  • Roberta Ottolenghi robedellarobi
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Drawing, embroidery and alphabetic narration. I use embroidery as a cure, an instrument of knowledge, an occasion for meeting and a narrative pretext. I provide my experience in finding the right words and subtle movements, I learn.



Embroidery is a fundamental part of my life. Since I was a child I have been passionate about this art, starting with simple techniques until I arrived, after many years to approach a type of embroidery that I prefer: a modern embroidery made of colored fabrics and yarns, while continuing to use the classic techniques. The many years of study have led me to invent a new technique, Sicilian embroidery Creatif, representative of the land in which I live but at the same time with many novelties inside. So, in addition to embroidering, including in my embroidery also my designs that are the starting point, I try to transfer my experience to those, especially beginners, who want to learn.

  • Roberta Ottolenghi robedellarobi
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Embroidery school? Not only that. I like to think that Manufacta - paths between the threads is a place where you experiment.

We tie, weave and wrap all kinds of threads that pass through our hands, even the most unlikely, to create something that is always unique and only ours. Of all colors and for all types. For all ages.

The art of the ancient handmade wire buttons is my most recent passion: I propose it to you, revised and correct, just to Abilmente...



My work comes from cotton threads such as skeins, balls etc. etc.. With any thread comes out chatter, embroidery, macramé. I love to create bags, tablecloths, belts, shirts and many other things!

  • Roberta Ottolenghi robedellarobi
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Always fascinated by the mesh embroidery that adorned the large windows of ancient castles and the altars of ancient abbeys, I found the tools and studied the technique, learning how to make and embroider the filet fashionable.

I discovered that the chests of the grandmothers of the area in which I live are overflowing with linen with inserts or entirely worked mesh and the desire to bring them back to light was born: now I teach the filet, drawing on the past, with a modern look.

Embroidery & Patterns

Morena Gozzi

Unconventional, no precise rules but only what the fantasy dictates, this is me. I love to embroider animals and birds, passing from a wolf to an angry eagle to get to a fish or revisit a fox with small flowers and leaves or, embroider a small bee with golden wings to honor the precious nectar they produce. Experiment with alternative yarns that with the world of hand embroidery have nothing in common to look for contaminations to use in some embroidery.

  • Roberta Ottolenghi robedellarobi
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the COLOGNA point

marilisa edoni

I have always been attracted by the possibility of creating with my own hands something beautiful and unique.
And what’s easier than a thread and a needle to add to my hands?
From this and from a tradition of lace preserved in Cologna Veneta so jealously that they were lost traces and the memory of the techniques, was born an overwhelming passion that led me to revive the Cologna Point and try to transmit it, even in new forms in today’s world.

Association pordenone embroidery

laura sperandio merlo

My works are executed with the technique of the "Silin Point" after long researches and studies on Roman mosaics that have pushed me to realize a new point that would allow to realize a geometric embroidery that adorned without creating thickness on the fabric. The designs and especially the color combinations give the embroidery an impression of modern innovation.

  • Roberta Ottolenghi robedellarobi
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Arianna's group

Fondazione Domani per voi

The Arianna Group - Fondazione Domani per Voi, Foundation that is about to create a village for children with disabilities, also this year participates in Abilmente 2021 bringing some new artifacts and artifacts that are exhibited in our museum of macramè in Castelgomberto (VI). In the rooms of the noble floor of Palazzo Barbaran you can admire many works, some valuable because they are worked by several hands. For those wishing to visit the museum is open the first Sunday of each month from 15 to 18.30 and on request by calling no. 3339969989.



The cultural association "PUT A POINT" brings to ABILMENTE 2021 the desire to start again inspired by techniques such as JACOBEAN, STUMPWORK and AGOPITTURA. Very colorful creative techniques that I have been doing for more than thirty-four years with great passion and that I try to disseminate at best with courses, supply of kits and manuals publications.

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  • Roberta Ottolenghi robedellarobi
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S. Jacopino embroidery school

Parrocchia di Firenze

The School, associated with the homonymous Parish of Florence, was founded in 2004 to pass on our beautiful and ancient tradition of the Punto Antico Fiorentino. But it also aims to bring this creative art closer to younger generations who think that embroidery is something of the past, long, boring , difficult to perform, impossible for those who work.
For this reason we do not neglect many other techniques from the simplest to the most demanding, so that each student can say with pride: "I made this masterpiece"

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