CUCITO SU DI TE - dressmaking lab


Have you ever experienced the satisfaction of wearing an item of clothing lovingly made with your own two hands?
It's a unique feeling and one that Cucito su di te - dressmaking lab can help you to explore. We’ve invited a number of creative thinkers from the sewing and DIY fashion industries to share their know-how with aspiring sewing enthusiasts. Find out more about them below!

Make sure to stop by Abilmente Vicenza from 17 to 20 October, where we will be putting on a variety of workshops, demonstrations and live shows designed to whet your appetite for DIY dressmaking!

In collaboration with Gaia Segattini
Local sponsors: Burda Style, Giesse Scampoli, Gütermann, Juki Italia, Prym, SISER, Stof Fabrics and The Color Soup.


stefania palma
Colibrin comes from Colibrì, or ‘Hummingbird’ in English, because I like to imagine our Atelier as a colourful, graceful hummingbird, with a hint of magic to it.
I own a small tailoring business that continues to explore new avenues, as do I, thanks to my love of natural fibres and bygone eras, which I channel into timeless garments made using my own two hands, with a little help from Giustina, my trusty sewing machine.
I like to dedicate time and attention to every phase of the creative process, from pattern making to packaging finished products, whether I’m working on my own design or a personalised item.

cristina into w.

cristina pedrocco

After creating Atelier sul Brenta, I established Cristina into W, a contemporary project that combines dressmaking with intriguing shapes and patterns. We’ve essentially swapped paper patterns for techniques such as origami to bring our 2D designs to life.
Inspired by great Japanese designers, I’ve tried to develop a personal style that reflects my way of being and dressing, which is clean-cut and minimal. I suppose my ultimate goal is to create affordable, comfortable clothes that communicate and represent something new.


Michela and Gloria

Our big dream is to create a slow and sustainable fashion brand, because quality garments need time, sturdy fabrics, hand-stitched details and carefully constructed seams, as well as a dash of spirit, perseverance and love.
We buy small quantities of natural fabrics from Italian companies before jotting down a few ideas that we turn into hand-sewn patterns and prototypes.


Martina Cammareri
A desire to get stuck into a new creative hobby, a lack of inspiration when shopping on the high street and my chance encounter with the amazing international sewing community gave me the impetus to throw myself headlong into my first ever project – creating a dress from scratch – without ever having touched a sewing machine in my life.
My passion is now my job. I work as a freelancer and teach both hobbyists and aspiring professionals how to sew.

lidia mallia atelier

lidia mallia

I’ve always been intrigued by unusual, original artefacts and the potential to create something from nothing.
My grandmothers were seamstresses and embroiderers and I was often surrounded by their marvellous creations. I had a lot of fun creating patterns using scraps of fabrics draped over mannequins. Over the years, my creative passion has grown, and I’ve started to try my hand at new creations using leather-look and cotton fabrics. I’ll be at Abilmente with the king of leather himself, Salvatore Nicosia.

secondo piano

sasha werner

My blog is all about proving that sewing doesn’t have to be difficult. If anything, it's a force for good, because not only is it incredibly satisfying, it also helps people to de-stress. And that’s not all, the world around us inevitably benefits from it too.
I also want to inspire people and promote the concept of slow fashion, which embraces a DIY mentality and sustainability, in direct contrast to fast fashion.

un punto alla volta

selene verdoglia
I pour all of my passion and digital know-how into sewing tutorials on my YouTube channel, Un Punto Alla Volta. In addition to creating beautiful dresses in styles that I love, I also reuse fabrics and items of clothing in order to give them a new lease of life.
With my video tutorials, or “test drives," as I like to call them, I try to demonstrate the art and technique of creative sewing as a means of creating beautiful garments that you can wear in the knowledge that you made them with your own two hands.


"Sewing is not just a profession, it’s a way of life." This has been my motto for many years.
These days, sewing and teaching are my lifeblood, and I'm trying to make it a more accessible skill by offering courses and patterns through Atelier Vicolo N.6.


We are entirely committed to creating a hand-sewn world. In recent years, we have helped hundreds of aspiring seamstresses to create their first handmade garments.
Our mission is twofold: to wave the flag for independent sewing and to convince people that they can do it, even when it seems impossible.
Buckle up, the sky’s the limit!


My small collections of clothing, bags and accessories are entirely handmade, using fabrics that I decorate myself with patterns inspired by my travels. My next stop will be India this coming winter.
And as soon as I have a minute to myself, I dream about my future trips in search of new wonders to add to Tulip’s repertoire!

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