#INSTAEMBROIDERY: embroidering as you never seen!

Who said embroidering isn't trendy? A new wound up area full of inspirations and new points of view about this ancient technique who will change your mind! 

Where? You can see it only at Abilmente Vicenza in Hall 7 - Embroidery Area, on October 14th to 18th.

In collaboration with: Giuliana Ricama


Hi! I'm Chiara, the one with a vintage soul and I'm Pola, modern and brand-new lover. Our way of being are mixing bringing to life a new essence, weaving grandma's techniques and contemporary graphics.
We try to bring in our little lab everything we love: nature, mountains and animals. Can you spot chamoises jumping in our drawings?

  • Valentina - IMbroideRED
  • embroidered shirt
  • modern embroidery
  • contemporary embroidery
  • embroidered faces

Embroidery came into my life without my asking, perhaps it came at a time when I needed to speak, to make my voice heard. The paper and the pen were starting to be no longer enough. I had a desire to imprint my messy memories forever and nothing was better than the slow and thoughtful stitches of embroidery. I wanted to give weight to the words, weight and precise color, red. Red like blood in the veins; we are made of red, we live thanks to him, it is the color that speaks of me, of all of us, so how could I not have chosen it? I am red.


I'm in love with japanese watercolors: a zen painting as an enlightment constantly searching equilibrium and harmony with reality around us. You are going to use colors of nature, the same who inspire me in my work. When I met fabrics, painting and embroidering woven in a harmony made of colours and yarns.

  • Elisabetta Brunello - Mnemosyne
  • medaglione ricamato
  • ricamo moderno
  • ricamo greco
  • collana ricamata


In ancient Greece, Mnemosyne was the memory patron goddess. I intend to keep the memory of the past and traditions alive with my works, inspired by art and archeology. I especially make accessories such as hair clips, bookmarks, necklaces, for those who see art as a refuge and want to always carry it with them.

  • Gloria Boffi modern embroidery
  • embroidered heart
  • embroidered design
  • embroidered magic
  • modern embroidery


Votive embroidery and secret languages.
Your words, your stories inspire me.
I collect and transform them into real amulets, thanks to the symbols, the magic, the language of flowers. Through the embroidery, I imprint in the fabric a unique moment, a single soul, yours. Each votive embroidery is your personal altar, unrepeatable, as you are.

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