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If your passion is patchwork you can not miss Abilmente Vicenza and all the patchwork associations that participate!


Bassano del grappa (VI)

The group of friends of the Association "Casa Patchwork & Quilting", of Bassano del Grappa, meets every week and, with needle and thread, assembles patchwork tiles with various techniques, using both classic traditional figures and contemporary variants, then join them in quilts, made unique and original thanks to the variety of fabrics used.

Quilts tell a lot about us: memories, fragments of travel and personal experiences to which each has decided to give voice through fabrics!
During Abilmente we would hold workshops of applications in patchwork, to bring people to this hobby that is good for the heart and mind.



The Patchwork Passion Association of Padua brings together a group of women passionate about patchwork quilting and needle work for the creation of classic and contemporary artifacts, techniques used as aggregating elements, confrontation and mutual growth. The strengths of the Association are the multiple skills of the members, declined in the last two years online teaching techniques such as embroidery, knitting and crochet, cardboard, the creation of household items. For Abilmente Vicenza we are preparing three different workshops that are easy to realize to involve the visitors of the fair to this art in which dexterity and creativity meet. 



The association AD MAIORA is made up of a hundred members who with passion and inventiveness, through group work, carry out a cultural message of eco-sustainability and social solidarity. "Together you can!" This is the motto of the Cultural Association AD MAIORA, which for over 20 years has enhanced craftsmanship and creativity through education and training in the recovery of textile art and patchwork. In the wake of the female arts, the object of a rediscovery that combines with the themes of the present, AD MAIORA promotes cultural and educational events, using its own financial resources.
In this long period of time, the Association has engaged in relevant social activities in various fields: reception and inclusion, well-being and care of the sick, awareness against violence against women, support activities and aid to developing countries, social redemption, cultural activities and social world.


vicenza (vi)

The group is active on the territory to promote and disseminate the manual work to women, in particular, the technique of sewing "patchwork".
The Association collaborates with various local realities, in particular with the neonatology department of the San Bortolo Hospital in Vicenza, to which they donate covers and small leisure objects for hospitalized children. With the support of the City of Vicenza, they also organize every year an exhibition to spread the knowledge of patchwork in the territory.
For several years they have been participating, together with other Venetian Associations, in Abilmente exposing the work of the members and organizing courses aimed at bringing people closer to this technique.

Associazione Patchwork Idea


Since 1995 we meet weekly to share our passion: patchwork. In a serene and convivial spirit we exchange knowledge, books and newspapers, we organize courses, trips and trips to the most interesting events in the sector in Italy and abroad. Annually we organize an exhibition at Cà da Noal prestigious museum of the Municipality of Treviso, on the exhibition of the works of the partners. During the exhibition we organize cultural events where patchwork meets other arts. The association is non-profit and is funded through membership fees. If you want to know us, sign up, or for other useful information, contact us or visit our website. 

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  • sewing pochettes



Hi! I'm Beatriz and I welcome you to my little big world. I am a mother who has always been attracted to colored fabrics, sewing and small things created by hand with love and care. Thanks to creative sewing, I believe that everyone can express themselves and learn new techniques to create everyday objects. All you need is passion and the desire to put yourself to the test!
At Abilmente we will be able to exorcise the fear of zippers by sewing together a useful make-up bag or beautiful origami bags with drawstrings to use the scraps of fabric.

  • Nicoletta Furlan
  • fatto a mano by Nico

Fatto a mano by nico

Nicoletta furlan

My name is Nicoletta Furlan and I am a creative. My job, my great passion, is to create original and unique women's clothing. Over the years, I have participated in some exhibitions, including "Let's get dressed in Patchwork" at the Vicenza fair "Abilmente" and I have also participated in some fashion shows. My garments are conceived, designed, created and made by me. Everything I make always has something special, because I like playing with materials and fabrics. One of my first trends in this field was patchwork, then the oriental style and finally I fell in love with geometric lines. Today, I am inspired by my surroundings, I take advantage of the techniques learned over the years and I try to combine all these different approaches together.



Hi I'm Francy, aka Yabay. In my world I enclose a philosophy of life that speaks of freedom, revolution, grit and authenticity. With Yabay you CHOOSE TO BE, my bags are born from curated and often asymmetrical artistic projects. In asymmetry there is substance, freedom, the desire to explore new points of view and these are precisely the same values that a Yabay woman lives every day.
Yabay is not only my bag brand, it is also a meeting place, for this reason I have created a series of columns that await you on Instagram

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