The idea avenue

Where is creativity at home? Discover it with the creative that inhabit our Way of Ideas Abilmente Roma!
With their crazy ideas, fantasy and inventiveness that they put into their creations, they will lead you on the most colorful road there is!

Find out who are the protagonists of our Way of Ideas and the program of their courses!
And remember that we are waiting for you in Abilmente Roma, from 23 to 26 September 2021.

Bijoux and accessories

Giannella Cau - Beads

Bijoux weaving with beads.

FB: @giannellacaujewerly

laura giusti - Bijoux

Tessitura di perline pejote e micro macramè

fb: @lauragiustibijoux

Graziella Malana
Graziella Malara - Bead weaving

Graziella Malara - Bead weaving, embroidery, crochet, needlepoint embroidery and many other techniques!

IG: www.instagram.com/malaragraziella/

Sewing and yarn

Dreams of Cinzia - Ecoprinting felt

Courses of felt and ecoprint, natural dyes, natural fabrics printed with real leaves, accessories and furniture in handmade felt.

fb: @SognidiCinzia

nearteneparte feltro
nearteneparte art&craft - felt

Anna Esposito works in felt and she is involved in training with the obsession of felt magic. Enter in her fantastic world of sculptures and paintings in carded wool.

♥ Blogger Appunti Creativi

nerina fubelli - crochet

Crochet Smyrna, Traditional, Tunisian, Fork, Romanian, Irish.


Taigete Bijoux
Taigete di Claudia A. - Bijoux

Bambole di stoffa da indossare. Con ago, filo e tanta pazienza, Claudia trasforma stoffe preziose e pregevoli merletti in questi piccoli capolavori.

ig: @taigete

Gelsomina Simone - Crochet and loom

Crochet fork and square frame for hats and neck warmers

fb: @ilfilodiarianna

tintura naturale
Elena Villa - Natural dyes art

Natural vegetable dyeing with local herbs and ancient traditional recipes, manual wool spinning, wooden accessories for yarn processing.


riciclo creativo
malvestita lab - creative recycling

Manufactures clothing and accessories with unused materials of large textile companies.

fb: @malvestitalab

Lucilla Alfano - crochet and amigurumi

So many courses and demonstrations of crochet amigurumi, beads and soutache.

fb: @luluamigurumi

Lofoio - Beppe Allocca

Craftmen from (re)generations. We produce winter accessories in knitwear with recycled yarn.

web: www.lofoio.com/

Atelier Ali

Super colorful clothing and cute accessories inspired by the children's world.

Ig: @atelier.ali


decorazione ceramiche
Chromie by Cristina - decoration

Hand-painted objects, precious materials and lots of color for your holidays, memories destined to last in time. Decorations to hang wherever you want.

IG: @chromiedicristina

Evi Bossanyi
Daily Weave - Evi Bossanyi

The technique is the perfect combination of the ancient art of interweaving and the most modern concept of artistic recycling of newspapers. Felt, pannolenci, natural elements and the use of other decorative techniques complete the intertwined objects making them real furnishing accessories.


orto strabilia - hobby farm

Ancient and particular seeds from the world of flowers and vegetables, basic gardening courses for everyone.

fb: @ortostrabilia

Associazione Kreazioni

Courses of modeling and ceramic decoration, painting on porcelain and vitrofusion


lucia piazza
Lucia Piazza Decorator

Creative and Decorator. I have been teaching decorative techniques and Restyling of Furniture for over 15 years. I am present in many trade fairs and in various Italian cities with my courses proposals . I worked for about 20 years with the editorial staff of the magazine Arte del Decorare proposing new projects of Decorative Techniques.


Boina mosaic

Hand-made desing objects with mosaic, and with a lot of patience! Each object is born from the creation of a design on a support, where all the tiles are joined slowly until the final product. Ideal for decorating the house, the garden, the company or to make an original gift and quality.

FB: Boinaoggettididesign

Paper, scrap and color

paper and wire - paper and origami

Handmade bookbinding and origami for home decor, creative recycling, ecoprint on paper.

IG: @dicartaedifilo

paper and beyond - woven paper

Creative recycling of paper, braid straws, spinning, origami, dough to create bags, baskets, eco-jewelry etc...

fb: @cartaeoltre

of those who love paper

Plannering, cardmaking, creative bookbinding and Bullet Journal news.

♥ Blogger Appunti Creativi

pasticci di carta
Paper pies - paper

Crafter, digital craftsman, Visual Paperist, I observe the world imagining it of paper.

IG: @pasticcidicarta

creativity in movement - packaging and decorations

From the passion for paper, many proposals for packaging and decoration.


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