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Mix Media Art Or Mixed Media Art

Di Francesca Ghidini

But what exactly is it? Let's find out together.

Mix Media Art Or Mixed Media Art


Assembled or mixed art. It is, in practice, a set of techniques and materials assembled together with art and creativity. Let's say that at the base of every composition or creative mix media canvas there is the collage technique, but to call it that is decidedly reductive.

Paper, fabric, plastic, wood, recycled objects are assembled together, then colored with acrylics, watercolors, tempera, inks, waxes, and embellished with lace, buttons, flowers, scrapbooking or decoupage papers, for creations in romantic style or from stamps, stencils, gears, watch parts, metal, studs to those in Steampunk and retro style.

Materiali Mix Media

An overlap of materials, decorative elements, colors and techniques that make each composition unique. There are no real "rules" for creating a mixed media project. You can mix decorative techniques, such as classic decoupage with scrapbooking techniques. Everyone chooses their own style.
With the media mix, you can decorate anything from creative canvases to furnishing accessories, from boxes to the covers of a notebook (Midori) or the pages of a notebook (art journal).
The main feature of this art form is that of the personal expression and interpretation that is given to the individual materials that are used. A piece of lace does not necessarily have to be sewn to a fabric, but can be used as a stencil, or glued to a support and used as a background for a composition or as an embellishment under a photo or as a petal of a flower. Any object or material, even recovered, instead of being thrown away can return to new life.


You can start from any element to create a mixed media work.
An old frame, a clock, a can of tuna, a color, an image, or a sentence (sentiment) can become the "focal point" of our composition. Around which then the whole project will develop. It just takes a little imagination and looking beyond the object itself.


I show you some of my creations where I used the mixed media technique.
The most significant for me is the canvas "Love is a losing game", in which the focal point is the title of an Amy Winehouse song. This sentence fully reflects a somewhat dark period that I was experiencing and I translated these feelings of mine into images. To give a better idea of what I was feeling, I played with red and black colors, heart shapes, crackles with its cracks, wings that carry the heart far away and playing cards. Because after all, sometimes love is a game in which you can even lose.

Mix Media Love

My real passion is to decorate the covers for the Midori. I created a Midori line that I called #MidoriMania. Here are some Steampunk-style examples. For their realization, I was inspired by these images of mechanical animals. The basic material is the Stone paper. A "paper" composed of calcium carbonate and natural resins, very resistant, water repellent and biodegradable. The colors vary from red to green to brown to black, I inserted metal elements, watches and gears, typical of the Steampunk style, and I worked on the Stone paper in order to create effects similar to leather, and leather.

Midori Mix Media

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